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Energy Granola Bars

Lucas just got back from a 4 day hike with the scouts. Since they had to carry all the food they were eating with them on their backs, they mostly had a few different variations of rice and beans, with a few dehydrated eggs. Yuck! So before they left, I made a big pan of these to give them a little something sweet to help them make it through. When Lucas came back he reported that everyone loved these! Some of the boys even hiked back to the truck (it was a VERY steep 1.5 mile hike) to get some more the 2nd day! They were a big hit! 

These are pretty sweet and packed with energy, so I am not sure I would make these just to munch on around the house. But if you are headed out for a hike, these are great!

Energy Granola Bars

What you need:

1 C peanut butter
3/4 C honey
3 C quick oatmeal
Plus any other add ins you think sound good!

Combine the peanut butter and honey in a medium saucepan and warm over low heat. Stir constantly until mixed thoroughly. Remove from heat and add in the oatmeal and any optional items. Press into a 9×9 inch ungreased pan and let cool. Cut into bars and store in plastic baggies. No need to refrigerate.Makes 16 (2×2 inch) bars. Enjoy!!

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